Paul Kenny - CEO, Jack Morton Worlwide - Chair Starlight Childrens Foundation

Dear Ken....several of the jobs we have done together remain highlights of my professional and creative career. In particular The Qantas Relaunch, Mc Donalds crew rally, Optus at Uluru and Joop! are prime examples of our creative partnership. The fact they were also logistically and financially sucessful, as well as creatively is testament to your broad role in our production and creative team.

Adam Charles - SVP, Managing Director, Jack Morton Worldwide Shanghai

Hi Ken, I would always give you a great rap for any work we have done together..... You have always produced work of great quality and it is always a pleasure to work with you.

Narelle Duvall - Producer, Jack Morton Worldwide

Dear Ken, Many thanks for making my life so easy. Your professionalism and commitment was appreciated by all at Starlight and your valuable input to the creative enabled us to take this event to the next level. The look and feel created in the room, certainly enabled us to wow our audience !!! I thoroughly enjoyed working with you, your beautiful vision and friendly professional approach were a delight... Best regards Narelle

Peter Grose - Creative Chairman, former CEO, ABT Precinct (Enero)

Ken has provided Event Design and Creative Direction services to ABT. His concepts have transformed the environments of some of our most successful projects…. I have high regard for Ken’s integrity, honesty, reliability and commitment to Creating The Best…

ABT acknowledges that Ken Flower was Creative Director, Associate Producer of the RJR event and should have been credited as scriptwriter (copyright owner)....ABT have made allegations about Ken Flower...Peter Grose and ABT wish to clarify the allegations are not true....regret any damage...

David Caiger - Executive Producer, ABT Precinct (Enero)

Hi Ken, your creative and artistic treatment applied to this poroject surpassed your normal excellent standards....the actual sequence for the reveal of the new Nissan Maxima was simply stunning....the planning, preparation and patience to ensure the car reveal mechanism would succeed was vital to the project.....Thankyou for a fantastic show.

Leanne Giles — Executive Producer —ABT Precinct (Enero)

.I would like to personally thank you for all your help and dedication to make the ACER Singapore conference a huge success ...… I really enjoyed working with you and hope we have the opportunity to do it again many times in the future....


Jeanne Rockey AM - Director of Hospital Services - Starlight Childrens Foundation Australia

Dear Ken…. When we started our plan for the Starlight Express Room at the Children’s Hospital Westmead we were taking a step forward into an unknown area…. Thanks to your creativity, imagination and expertise with lighting and imagery we have created a room that allows the children to take themselves out of their hospital environment into a world of changing colour, fantasy and peace. ...Ken you have really created the ‘Wow’ factor for us..

Dr Joe Goldblatt - Professor, Temple University, Philadelphia - Founding President International Special Events Society.

Ken, I have enormous admiration for you and your pursuit of honesty and integrity in our industry…....Your innovative and exquisite work has my highest recommendation….

....As a distinguished guest lecturer in the field of event design for our students your programs on the topic of visual language, a communications tool, have received rave reviews from both our faculty and students. Your knowledge and experience of the design industry coupled with your passion for teaching, have greatly inspired our students....

Professor Ken Burke – AMI President, Head Judge, Chair of Judging, Assoc Mutimedia Iinternational Festival USA

Hi Ken. I'm glad to see that proper recognition has been restored for your work . I wish you all the best in your ongoing pursuits…. Ken Burke

Marian Sandberg - Editor Live Design, New York, NY 10011

Ken Flower's work transcends lighting or any design principle of which we are accustomed. I have worked with Ken on sessions for our trade show, LDI, and he delivers a message that is quite unique. Ken is sincerely interested in creating something more than a beautiful design. He brings a discussion of community, empowerment, and inspiration with his work.....

Ellen Lampert-Gréaux Consulting editor, Live Design, LDI2006 Conference Director New York NY 10011

Ken Flower brings an innovative perspective to the table in terms of both lighting design and creative solutions to real world issues.....

Peter Hamilton - Executive Vice President Wordlwide - McCann-Erickson

The presentations were very successful for RJR and the campaign continues to be developed in Asia…..