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This is the website for Ken Flower - designer.
As a designer I like to work with light, colour and imagery - and to make Visual Languages that can affect people's mood and feeling in a positive way.
My projects in Children's Hospital respite rooms for the Starlight Children's Foundation are good working examples of the success of this approach. Please click here.

I've also enjoyed contributing to a few magazine articles - and participating at industry conferences and education programs about Light, Humanity and our Lit Environment.mmPlease click here.

Here's a link to my latest projects at herecomesthesun.com.au - Lo energy eco sustainable lighting with a full spectrum of colour at your fingertipbs. Choose your colour - set your mood. Please click here

Some of the kind comments colleagues have made about my work and ethic can be seen in the bon mots folder.mm Please click here.
Other examples of Visual Language - applied to the corporate and industrial world can be see in the gallery.nn Please click here.